Teen Yoga

Term 1 Teen Yoga with Michelle H, Commencing 12th February to 8th of April – $117.00 (9 Week Term)

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary health practices for all ages. Many schools are now offering Yoga and mindfulness programs to help reduce stress, improve mood and promote physical fitness. Yoga during this formative period of life is useful for developing healthy exercise habits in general as well as strength, flexibility, and balance.

Yoga for teens is also particularly important for the mind because the brain continues to develop throughout early to late teenage years. The prefrontal cortex is the area behind the forehead and is known as the “CEO of the brain” for its ability to plan, organize, and regulate mood. The development of the prefrontal cortex gives you the ability to concentrate and think, rather than act on impulse and is critical to being successful throughout the stages of life. There’s a lot of activity during teens years in the synapse formation and wiring in the brain, Yoga during this time can help teens cultivate important life skills of creativity, flexibility, self control and discipline.

Yoga can help teens in several ways:

1. Improve fitness and physical health

2. Reduce stress and anxiety

3. Improve Optimism

4. Improve focus and school performance

5. Improve Self Esteem and Body Image 

6. Encourage creativity

7. Develop Discipline and Self Regulation

In our teen classes, many of our students have had breakthroughs with dealing with feelings, bullying, exam stress, acceptance, self esteem and body image.  Our studio offers a safe place for teens to discuss things that are concerning them without judgement, offering a forum for them to share concerns with their peers.  Our Teens Yoga isn’t just about doing the Pose but also about students getting to know themselves better on a deeper, quieter level without external distraction or judgement.

Term 1 Teens commences on Wednesday 12th of February at 4:30pm.  It is a 9-week Term and the cost is $117.00 for the full term.  To ensure we have guaranteed numbers each week, we are only offering Full Term commitment, no drop in pricing this Term.

Bookings are now open via www.westcoastyogaperth/timetable find the 12th of February on the calendar, select Teen Yoga and follow the prompts to payment. 

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