Pre Natal Yoga Course

Wednesday 8th to 29th of April, 7:15pm to 8:15pm

During the 4 week course you will be guided through a series of gentle poses that will aid you in your pregnancy, both body and mind. You will be shown how to modify and adapt your Yoga through each Trimester, giving you the tools to practice in a safe and nourishing way. Your body will be changing a lot during this special time, it can also be a time of anxiety and worry. Yoga will help you maintain a healthy and strong body during pregnancy and through birth, it will also give you the tools to remain calm when things get a little tense.

Leah will be leading this course, Leah trained with Tamara Yoga and is a mother of 3 herself so having been there has a wonderful understanding of what pregnant ladies are going through. Our studio is a safe, warm and nourishing environment in which to practice yoga. The studio lights will be dimmed, there will be candle light, relaxing music and essential oils to fill your senses with calm.

The costs of this 4 week course is $80.00 and bookings are now open via find the 8th of April and follow the prompts.

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