SATURDAY 28th March
2pm to 4pm

We all know what it feels like not to get a great nights sleep and for a good deal of the population that is the norm rather than a rarity.  Busy lives and busy minds can leave us full or restless activity, not being able to switch off the mind or the body; making sleep hard to find.  Not getting enough sleep can have an adverse affect on us physically and mentally, we wake up not feeling rested at all and if we toss and turn all night, imagine the effect that has on the neck and spine alone.  Sleep is the bodies natural repair function, it’s where we rebuild and rejuvinate but what if we can’t fall into a deep sleep pattern long enough, where does the body get to do it’s good work?

Studies have shown that adults practicing Yoga regularly had better overall sleep quality, less episodes of disturbed sleep, took less time to fall asleep, less day time dysfunction, less use of sleep medications and also felt more rested and energetic in the morning. Yoga involves stretching and relaxing of muscles which causes significant physical and mental exertion resulting in more relaxation which can lead to deeper sleep, less sleep disturbances and better sleep efficiency.

During this 2 hour workshop, Leah will take you through calming, sleep inducing Yoga along with some breath work that will help you come into a state of relaxation. Leah will also show you a couple of tricks to use when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’ get back to sleep.

Class size is strictly limited and bookings are essential, get online now to secure your place. The cost of this workshop is $40 and bookings are now open via our website
look for the 28th March click on the course and follow the prompts or call 0447 193 425

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