We hear the saying finding the new norm quite a bit, but now more than ever it’s a reality for most of us.  In this COVID 19 environment, we are all having to find our new norm.

We have been literally banded from taking part in our normal everyday life, banished to our homes and some to hotels. We can’t see friends, loved ones and when we’re are out in public, we can only travel in 2s and must be at least 1.5mts apart.  By nature, most humans need connection, we need hugs, we need handshakes, we need to feel part of someone else’s space and we like to share our space with others. So where do we find ourselves? In isolation contemplating every aspect of who we are and how we live.  Good will come from this episode in our history, but how do we get through it? We’re all going to have to delve deep, deeper than most of us have ever gone before.  This is the time when we will see what we’re made of.

All of us are going to be challenged by this situation and we need to have strategies in place to survive and come out in one piece at the other end.  And for me one of the most important aspects of getting through is having a routine and giving myself a reason to get out of bed each morning.  Winter is on its way so whilst the sun still shines, and our moods are still quite buoyant we need to set our new norm now!  

So, what are you going to include in your day to keep you in routine, in this phase of finding your new norm?

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Get a fitness and health plan started.  Do something you’ve never done before like Yoga, Running, Weights or maybe look at your diet and do something different there.  There’s so much online content now, WCY have free online Yoga classes on our Facebook Page so maybe check that out.
  2. Discover a hidden talent.  Has there been something in the back of your mind that you’ve been telling yourself one day when I get time……. well guess what? Now is the time as you’ll have plenty of it on your hands.
  3. Paint, Write, read a book, cook, learn an instrument, discover something new about yourself.
  4. Turn off the TV and do a jigsaw puzzle with the family or play a board game.
  5. Go through those cupboards you’ve been meaning to clean for ages or maybe the garage.
  6. Check out your clothes, are there things you can do without and donate to charity.
  7. Are there a heap of books that you no longer need that can be given away too, maybe set a free library out the front to engage the community with a little feel good.
  8. Is there a subject your passionate about, learn more about it and maybe write a blog?  You may connect with new people online with the same passion.
  9. Get some online Education in a subject that interests and enriches you.  It might help you out when you get back to work.
  10. Organise a ZOOM meeting or online House Party with your friends and family.

Whatever you decide to do, do it now and make it part of your day.  We will get through this, there will be tears, scars and bruising but we’re made of strong stuff and whilst we can’t physically connect; always know we are in this together and we will be okay!

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