If you struggle to find the discipline of allocating time in your day to do Yoga without the mental prompt of a designated time, WCY are happy to announce that we are now Live Streaming class direct from the studio.

Our live streamed classes will be held at various times during the week and they can all be booked via Mindbody as you would a normal class. Leah will be leading students through class to give you the home practice you need to feel good with a little more structure.

WCY”s live streamed classes are ran through the ZOOM Application, so make sure you have the app downloaded to your favourite device. Find a quiet space and have your Mat, props and music ready to go as being prepared when practicing at home will ensure you have an uninterrupted and complete practice.

Read below to find out more about Live Streamed classes with WCY


In readiness for you to join in on WCY’s online Yoga classes, here’s a few things you’ll need to consider before you start class.

  • Make sure WCY have your current Email address, otherwise you won’t receive the class link. Go into your Mindbody account and make sure your email is correct.
  • Download ZOOM Cloud Meeting App on the device you choose to use for class.
  • Familiarise yourself with ZOOM before your first class so that you understand how it works and its features. Helpful one’s such as screen view, muting your sound, placement of screen for best view; that sort of thing.
  • Visit WCY’s Mindbody site and select the VIRTUAL Class you’d like to attend.
  • Class bookings will close 30 mins prior to the session time then a link is emailed out to all participants to join the class. Use this time to get set up and your music ready. (Maybe book in the night before so you don’t miss out)
  • Keep an eye out 15 mins before class start to get the ZOOM Link and join the class as soon as you can to access ZOOM correctly before class. 
  • Click on email link and you will be directed to the ZOOM Meeting page. If you don’t see the email and we have your correct email address, check your junk mail or wait a bit as there may be a delay.
    • Select Join with Computer Audio.
    • After joining the meeting, you will go into a “Waiting Room” WCY will accept you 15 mins prior to start.
    • Once in please MUTE your sound in ZOOM so you don’t disturb other students.
    • Turn your Device Mic off too, you will still be able to hear the teacher.
    • Get ready for class start.
    • Once class is finished click leave meeting.
  • Get organised as class will start at designated time, if you’re not ready to go 5 mins beforehand you will miss out on class.
  • Treat the Virtual Class like you would a normal Yoga class, it is a place for you to find your own space so set yourself up somewhere quiet to practise and have props ready just in case. Don’t forget your music.
  • Once signed on, please mute your sound so that other participants who may have already settled in don’t become distracted by noises in your home.  This is especially important if you have children or perhaps a noisy pet that may interfere with the others experience.  Even though you are in your own home, please show respect for others and keep your noise to a minimum – MUTING the sound at your end will help alleviate this. You will still be able to hear the lesson.
  • Once you are in WCY will mute everyone so the only thing you will hear is the instructor and the noises within your own home.
  • As the instructor will be getting ready for class start, they won’t be able to answer any of your questions as all communication will be silenced.  So please ensure you are ready to go! If you have difficulty, please email the studio with your query and it will be answered after class.


  1. If you have unstable internet and loose the quality of the connection, no refunds will be issued unless discussed with WCY.
  2. If you aren’t able to join class due to your own circumstance unless WCY are given over 30 minutes notice no class refunds will be given.  This includes students not being prepared for class, so please spend some time before first class familiarizing yourself with the technology.
  3. If there are technical issues at WCY’s end, all students who were enrolled in class will be given a class credit for future use. Technology is unpredictable and class may at times drop out briefly, but in the event of a total drop out a class credit will be given.

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