So here we find ourselves living in a COVID 19 world under the rule of Isolation.  Yes, we know living an ISO life now is best to Stop the Spread, it’s the responsible thing to do right! But what will be the mental health fallout from this life we now lead?  The answer to that question we won’t know until further down the track, but one thing that can help us stay healthy in body and more importantly in mind is Yoga and Meditation.  And the best part is that we can do Yoga from anywhere in our home, all we need is a mat or a decent rug to practice on. Sounds simple enough right?

In a Utopian world we’d all just come to our mat, pop on some relaxing music, do some yoga, maybe a little meditation and all would be well.  But this isn’t how it goes, there is way too much going on in our minds and homes to expect this kind of experience, we must be realistic about our expectations right now.  Yoga can still help in the ways it did when we made the trip to our fav studio but there are challenges we need to get our heads around before we can find stillness and peace. 

In the home there are so many distractions; household noises, washing that keeps nagging our attention and yes, we’re working from home and there should be time in our day for ourselves cause the Boss isn’t breathing down our neck, right?  But we are creatures of patterning and will still be slaves to deadlines and ticking off our task list even though no one is watching.  We all want to do the right thing, be the good little employee and not upset our boss who has trusted us to get the job done remotely.  But what about us in all of this?


Studios are now offering a plethora of virtual and live streamed Yoga so there are no excuses in not being able to find a class that resonates with where we are at in our practise and life right now.  ZOOM Yoga is going gang busters and is a great way to stay on track if we are a creature of routine.  WCY are currently ZOOM Live Streaming with great success and whilst initially students were a little unsure of how the process would work, they are finding it almost as enriching as the studio experience. 

Some prefer it as they are solitary creatures and find they can come to their own space more readily from the quiet of home.  Others are finding it great if they are unsure of their Yoga as there is no one there to see them if they fall over or not follow a cue so there is less self-imposed embarrassment.  Yoga is non-competitive and non-judgemental, but we are often our harshest critics and want to be the good student, not having the teacher in the room allows some students to relax a little more with their Yoga.   For those more advanced, Yoga from home allows them to delve deeper into practice and connect to their physical, mental and emotional self on a whole new layer.

So why not give Yoga at home a shot, it can only help us move through this ISO world with more calm and grace.  

Check out what WCY has on offer with live streamed ZOOM classes or head over to Facebook and follow the variety of classes there.

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