THE 3 Cs

I’m currently reading Brene Browns book the Gift of Imperfection, only 67 pages in and I’m already moved and inspired by Brene’s words. Brene writes with truth from an open and honest place, she allows us to see her frailties, imperfections, mistakes and vulnerability.  Something most of us struggle with sharing to the external world, we generally hold these things close to our chest as in the sharing we may feel shame, which is another one of Brene’s hot topics of study. 

In recent live streamed classes, I have been speaking about the 3 C’s from the Gift of Imperfection; Courage / Compassion / Connection.  Brene feels that for us to live wholeheartedly we need to engage with these 3 words. Considering these 3 words, I wondered how they played out in the world we find ourselves currently in with COVID 19 and this is what I came up with and have been sharing.


In this time of uncertainty, we will all be experiencing different emotions and feelings. We can never know the struggle and worry that some people are going through.  For some the present time might be a little blip on the radar, others might be feeling a lot more disruption and then there are people in the community whose worlds have been totally upended and they don’t know which way is up.  If we are the ones not really knowing where we are now, show Courage by asking for a hand if you need it. Tell someone how you are feeling if there are emotions and thoughts you can’t carry by yourself anymore; speak up!


Whilst we may not understand everything that people in our community are going through, we can be a compassionate ear.  By design, some of us walk around not wanting to take part in anything that is a little uncomfortable, we would rather put our heads in the sand than listen to the hardship that others are going through.  Try and be there for someone in this uncertain world as you never know when you may need a compassionate someone.  And if you are feeling out of sorts, don’t be hard on yourself, allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are experiencing, show yourself some Compassion; show yourself some love.


And the big one, Connection.  Humans thrive on connection, connection is part of our hardwired DNA, Connection is what makes us Human.  I am a pretty solitary creature and for the first 3 weeks of the Isolation situation we find ourselves in, I was travelling okay but now, I’m craving catching up with my friends and family or getting a welcome and warm hug. Let face it, hugs make us feel good about things when times are rough.  So, in your quiet moments, pause and think about someone who might be doing it tough right now and whilst you can’t give them a hug or share a glass of wine, find another way to connect.  Technology has been our saving grace and I often wonder how we would be without it.  So, call that someone who may need a friendly voice, Facetime or Zoom a family member to check in and say hi. And once again show Courage and reach out if it’s you who needs the familiarity of connection right now.

If you or you know of someone who is struggling right now, here are some helpful numbers to know:

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 Life Line: 13 11 14 Youth Focus: 1300 659 467 Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800

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