Let us introduce you to…..

Gav Aitkins

 Hi Everyone, my name is Gav – my journey to yoga began a bit over 5 years ago – it began with curiosity to ‘dip my toes in’ and give this new activity a try, without actually knowing what I was in for. Initially, there was reservation and the self-doubt: “would I be good at this, am I flexible enough, can I do a back bend and I don’t own any active wear 😊” I tried a slow flow class and thought, “this is pretty fun.”

What started as a new activity that my wife and I could attend together, turned into a daily routine that I couldn’t ignore and here we are. I’ve completed my teacher training with the Yoga Vine in Perth and deep dived into an immersion in Keramas Bali – challenging, strength building and enriching are some words that can describe this yoga training experience.

The reason I started yoga was initially, influence from my wife – the reason I continue (and have engaged so deeply with it), is that it something that I am genuinely passionate about sharing with everyone. Making yoga accessible to everyone is important and just because you can’t touch your toes doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

One of my favourite lines and one that I like to apply to practice, is “Do or Do not, there is no try…” I love this and it’s application to yoga because by simply being present on our mats, we are ‘doing’ and that’s what yoga is all about, doing it. By turning up to practice, we are ‘doing.’

My personal style is a balance of strength and heat building, combined with flow and engagement of the breath, transitioning from asana to asana with control. I enjoy seeing a class challenge themselves and approach tricky moves with child-like curiosity.

Vanessa Kelly

 Hi I’m Vanessa and I’m passionate about helping people of all ages discover the benefits of Yoga. I strive to deliver a style of Yoga that balances effort and ease leaving you feeling strong and invigorated while calm and connected to self. My classes focus on stability and strength, fluidity of the spine and calming the nervous system.

I first discovered Yoga as a teenager and returned to the practice while travelling the world in my twenties. On return to Australia I began a regular practice to manage lower back pain but found it also benefited my sleep and mental health. Throughout my years working in high pressure sales jobs I took refuge in my regular Yoga and meditation practices as a way to manage stress and anxiety and to counter bad posture caused by sitting.

I decided to undertake Yoga teacher training so I could share the gift with others. What I’ve learned about Yogic philosophy was life changing, bringing more acceptance, contentment and joy into my life.

I look forward to meeting you all soon at WCY 😊

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