About Us

At West Coast Yoga we love being a smaller personalised boutique yoga studio. Yoga is a growing business and as more and more people hear about and experience for themselves the health benefits of a regular Yoga practice, it will continue to grow.

With this in mind, Yoga is everywhere, but how much of a mindful practice is being passed onto the students in locations which can be noisy, smell sweaty, a bit impersonal or lacking atmosphere? Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice and as with any discipline it must be taught correctly with the teacher taking special care.

We are proud of our Yoga and the experience we bring to our studio in each and every class. Yoga has 8 Limbs and we touch on all of them during our classes. So you will always get the full experience of Yoga, as it is intended to be taught.

At WCY we are very fortunate to have some of Perth’s best and well-rounded teachers working in our studio. Each teacher brings their own piece of magic to their classes so you are bound to find a teacher who resonates and moves you how you need to move both physically and mentally.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should give WCY a try:

1. Size
Our studio is smaller than some yoga studios in Perth with typically 15 students per class. This intimate setting allows a more personalised service where greater interaction between teacher and student occurs. Our classes may be higher-priced than what you might pay elsewhere, however the value and experience far outweigh the saving you make by frequenting larger venues.

2. Difference
Our classes are unique, original and individualised, a lot of thought and planning goes into each and every one of our classes. As we run on smaller class sizes our instructors get to know their students very well and can determine their physical needs by just knowing how the practitioners body moves from one day to the next. WCY also offers Yoga for Health and Wellness, Meditation and we run classes in the morning and evening 7 days a week; which gives you plenty of options.

3. Serenity
Our studio offers an escape from the every day noise that invades a lot of other studios. Our cool white walls, white washed floors, billowing curtains, candles and plant life that lines the studio creates an urban retreat. The Studio Owner, Leah thinks about the student experience every time she steps into the studio. Looking around to see if anything can be changed within the walls to make the experience the best it can possibly be for everyone who takes to the mats. Our clientele are every day people with one common goal to bring out the best in their body and mind by a regular practice of Yoga. Everyone, no matter age, size or what they are wearing are welcome and made to feel comfortable at WCY.

4. Location

We are located behind the very popular Voyage Café across the road from the pristine shores of Perth’s Sorrento Beach. So after you’ve been blissed out by one of our classes, you can finish the experience with something to eat or drink at one of the Northern Suburbs best known cafes or perhaps a coastal walk with a friend.

5. Personalised
A more personalised service is a trademark of our boutique yoga studio. We know our students by their first name, we listen to all of our students and take the time to see what’s taking place within their lives and bodies and tailor their practice to suit where they are at as best we can within a class environment.

So if you’re looking for a Yoga experience that is completely in tune with its students and that passes on the full Yoga journey of Body, Mind and Soul we’d love to see you at West Coast Yoga.

We have a great new members offer, which entitles new students to the studio 10 Classes for $120. This allows you to get a taste of all of the classes we offer and the teachers who grace our floors.

We live, eat and breathe Yoga at WCY so you’re in safe hands!

Changing the vibration of the planet with Real Yoga for Real People!


If you are unable to find parking within the complex there is street parking on West Coast Drive and Raleigh Road. There is also a spare block of land on Raleigh Road where you are welcome to park and Sorrento Beach car park is also just a 2 minute walk from the studio. Remember to allow yourself enough time to park and get to class in time.

Yoga Etiquette

At West Coast Yoga our upmost priority is our clients experience when in our studio space. We aim to maximize relaxation and their enjoyment of our classes. Therefore the studio doors will be locked the minute class starts. We recommend you arrive five to ten minutes before class begins, so you can check in and start your initial relaxation.

Just a few more points to ensure everyone has a wonderful Yoga experience;

1. When you enter the studio please take your shoes off and place them in the pigeon holes provided. We ask that you don’t wear shoes onto the main floor to avoid bringing any dirt or debris into the Yoga space.

2. Before you get comfortable on your mat could you please ensure that your phone is switched onto Airplane mode as to not disturb the class during our practise

3. There are cloths and cleaning solution to sanitize mats after use and we’d like to ask that users of our studio mats please clean them before placing back on the rack. If you bought your own mat, feel free to give it a clean whilst in the studio also.

4. Cancellation Policy; Please note that no refunds will be offered for any class, event or workshop cancellations unless agreed to by studio management.  Should a cancellation take place a credit to the value of the booking will be held against your student account for future use.  However should  the cancellation take place less than 1 day for workshops and courses or less than 2 hours prior to commencement to class, no credit will be given unless agreed to by management.  We try to be reasonable and give due consideration where possible so if you have any questions regarding a cancellation or would like to request a refund please email sorrento@247yogastudio.com.au

As always, we remain contactable via the studio phone and we value and welcome all feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0447 193 425 if you have any questions.

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