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Benefits of Yoga for Elderly People

Growing older is inevitable but it most definitely does not mean you have to get stiffer, less flexible or weaker! One of the best aspects of yoga is that it is so versatile to all people with diverse physical abilities, ages and needs. It is ideal to combat challenges that come with ageing as yoga

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Just Being Jason

You all know him and love him, Jason Pachol. One of the regular comments we receive about Jason’s sessions is the little life lessons he imparts during class. Jason’s students leave his classes feeling a little more flexible, lighter in the step, a smile on their faces and a little gem of wisdom in their

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Releasing Stress and Tension

Stress-relieving tips “to get you from OMG to om” fast! Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Deeply It’s no secret all 3 are known for their ability to reduce stress levels. Even just a few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. Let distracting thoughts float by like clouds or take a 5-minute break and focus

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Yin + Meditation Workshop

20th of July 2pm to 4pm This 2 Hour Workshop is the perfect blend of Yin and Meditation.  The first part of class will consist of the nurturing long holds of Yin getting deep into connective tissue, ligaments and tendons.  Yin Yoga will prepare your body perfectly, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and chilled ready

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Yoga Myths and Misconceptions

FALSE M & M: Only flexible and fit people can do yoga Saying you have to be flexible to do yoga is like saying you have to be in shape to go to the gym, or that you have to be clean to take a shower. There is a connection between yoga and flexibility, but

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Why You Might Feel Emotional During or After a Yoga Class

Crying during or post practice. Some of us have been there, when you are so attentive and centred in your being and that you start to feel honestly. Yoga can be a wonderful and safe place to release your emotions, if you feel comfortable enough in the class to do so. Practicing yoga is an

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