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13 Fresh Autumn Self-Love Practices

So April is already in full swing… It’s time to revive your life, give yourself more energy and spark inspiration. If you are feeling a bit burned out, crazy busy, or simply just want to practice some more self-love (like we all should), here are 13 ideas to encourage more balance, happiness and self care

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Seven Secrets to Serene Sleep

Having trouble sleeping at night? Or perhaps just getting to sleep initially. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks that actually work to help ensure you get enough ZZZ. Quality sleep plays a key role in your health! Increase your bright light exposure during the day and reduce blue light exposure in the

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Unravel Amongst the Trees

Get in Quick over 50% Booked Already West Coast Yoga are excited to announce our next Yoga Retreat will be held at the beautifully restful Naravi. June 13th to 16th 2019 Hidden away in 53 acres of native Jarrah bushland at Forest Grove, 15kms South of Margaret River, Naravi offers a truly unique experience where

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We are very happy to announce our that for our upcoming yoga retreat, UNRAVEL AMONGST THE TREES, held at the beautifully restful Naravi our catering will be produced and prepared by Fair Harvest Permaculture. We thoughtfully selected Fair Harvest for this retreat as it is important to be fuelling your body with fresh foods from

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Looking after our beautiful planet is the least we can do, after all it provides us with such an incredible place to call home! Why is it so important to recycle?  Recycling plays a massive role in reducing our environmental impact and the planet we leave behind for our children and future generations. It is

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Restorative Yoga Workshop

SATURDAY 27th APRIL – 2pm to 4pm When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind and your body. Restorative Yoga helps provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive

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