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A Little More About Leah

We had the pleasure of stealing the ever-so-lovely Leah, our studio director and owner, from her crazy busy week to quiz her with some hard-hitting questions on Yoga, the wonderful business she has created (which we love so much) and life behind the scenes! When did you first start yoga and why do you love

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Tips for the Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu spread more easily in the winter months as they thrive in colder, less humid environments. Here is a few simple and easy prevention tips to help keep you and your family healthy as different germs are going around, plus a yummy immune boosting smoothie recipe! Wash your hands and using hand sanitiser

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Getting to know Noelle O’Riordan

Most of you would have seen her around the studio or perhaps have enjoyed one of her wonderful classes. This week we were lucky enough to pick Noelle’s brain with some questions about her life, passions and love for yoga. She sure is a woman of many talents! You’ve freshly returned from your adventures in

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The ins and outs of Eye Pillows and Blankets

Eye Pillows Eye pillows are a powerful tool for healing, health, and happiness. They lessens eye fatigue by blocking out all the glaring light going in your eyes. By eliminating visual stimuli allowing the mind to properly rest. Eye pillows relieve tension and strain especially after hours spent staring at computer, phone and TV screens.

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Satisfying Stomachs

So it’s official the cooler weather has kicked in! Accordingly so have the warmer food cravings. We have collated some scrumptious, indulgent AND healthy recipes for all meals of the day that will hit the spot and leave your tum happy, warming you inside out. These recipes are all gluten free, vegan, full of nutrients,

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Who says you need to travel long and far to experience a truly serene and transformative getaway? Not when we the beautiful south west right on our doorstep! The Margaret River Region is one of the most underrated gems to check out in Australia, and it is far less crowded than other cities and highlights.

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