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Roll + Restore Workshop

SATURDAY 19th October 2019 2pm to 4pm During this workshop Leah will take participants through 2 hours of deeply releasing and relaxing Myofascial Roll + Release Yoga. This form of Yoga incorporates long deep holds in poses that target connective tissue through the whole body with the use of balls, blocks and rollers. Leah will lead

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Beginners Yoga – 4 Week Course

BEGINNERS 4 WEEK COURSE Our next 4 week Beginners Yoga course commences on Wednesday the 16th of October from 7:15pm to 8:30pm for 4 weeks.  This 4 week course costs $80 and by the end you will have the confidence to step on the mat at any of our Yoga classes. Our studio is fully equipped

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More on Michelle

Our special Mashie V! We just loved learning a little bit more about our favourite Yoga loving plant enthusiast and the exciting times ahead for Michelle. When did you start yoga and what inspired you to? I practiced yoga in my early 20’s with a friend every week for about a year… then I went

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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Saturday 21st of September 2 to 4pm. Restorative yoga is a practice that leads the yogi toward a more healing and recuperative experience, and it ushers in a host of wonderful benefits that are often overshadowed by the popularity and visibility of more dynamic yoga styles. A restorative yoga relies on the use of props

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Morning Rituals

We have curated some morning habits for success that help make you happier, healthier, and more creative. A few practices and ideas to increase your productivity, feel better and be more confident every day! Drink Water On An Empty Stomach – hydrating first thing in the morning has a number of benefits such as flushing out

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