Meet the Team


Leah Nylander (Studio Director)

Leah started her love of Yoga at 24/7 Lifestyle Studio Sorrento in 2013. During this time Leah had become so interested in the benefits of Yoga and the effects it had on her own life, mind and body that she decided to become an Instructor and completed her 350 hour teacher training with Tamara Graham. In 2016 Leah was given the opportunity to purchase the studio and jumped in with both feet, such was her desire and passion to share her love of Yoga with as many as people as possible.

Whilst maintaining the strong history set up with 24/7 Lifestyle Studio, Leah felt the studio needed a new and fresh name that would encapsulate the essence of the business so in July 2017 the name West Coast Yoga Perth was born. Leah’s vision for West Coast Yoga is to bring a warm, encouraging and inviting space for everyone no matter their age, size or ability to be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Leah has practised and trained with some of Yoga’s’ best; Bryan Kest, Janet Stone, Alan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Leslie Kaminoff and in March 2019 completed 65 Hours of Yin and Myofascial Release training with Jo Phee.  Leah is well trained in many modalities of Yoga and loves to share what she has learnt with her students.

Leah teaches:

  • Slow Flow
  • Yin
  • Hatha
  • Over 55s
  • Teens
  • Vinyasa
  • Roll + Release (Myofascial Yin)

Noelle O’Riordan

Noelle’s yoga journey 21 years ago to help ward off injuries from martial arts competitive sports and soon became hooked, committing to a daily practice and it eventually took priority. Noelle found a wonderful sense of peace and wellbeing with yoga. Noelle has travelled throughout Australia and overseas to seek out workshops, retreats with many wonderful teachers including Geeta Iyengar, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Tiffany Cruickshank, Caroline Coggins, Kathryn Budig and more. Noelle’s desire to explore the history and philosophy of yoga lead her to consider teacher training and after much research, began Teacher Training with GYA (Greenwood Yoga Academy’s 52792WA Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices) covering all aspects of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

After completing the 750hr course, Noelle spent two years teaching at the Greenwood Yoga Academy before moving on to teach at Sun Moon Yoga Academy, The Yoga Vine, West Coast Yoga and Good Life Gyms. With an extra 150hr Teacher Training with The Yoga Vine, Noelle added Yin Yoga and Anatomy Modules to broaden her training. Yoga has brought joy and peace to Noelle’s life, seeing her through the ups and downs of life and she has never lost her love of this.

Noelle teaches:

  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Core Flow
  • Yin
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Jason Pachol

Originally from Canada, Jason has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Jason discovered yoga after searching for ways to manage chronic back pain, work stress and emotional difficulties. And after many years of practice, Jason’s long time teacher noticed his progress and suggested he could make a good yoga teacher so after studying in Perth, Bali and India the rest is history! Jason is known for his inspiring and dynamic classes. He weaves deep stretching and strengthening exercises, balanced with meditation and relaxation techniques. These techniques calm and invigorate the body, mind and spirit, whilst giving an insight into yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Jason teaches:

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa,
  • Mediation
  • Over 55’s
  • Kids Yoga

Kelley Sloan

Kelley is a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach and her passion is helping people to become stronger, healthier and happier through movement and understanding their bodies. Kelley herself has had a million and one injuries and Pilates helped Kelley to retrain her body to be pain and injury free. She fell in love with the practice and spent more time doing that than anything else so teacher training with Polestar Pilates was the next step.   Pilates continues to make Kelley’s body the strongest, fittest and best it can be. She loves helping students to feel the same way and combining nutrition and movement allows her to bring them the benefits of both.

Kelley teaches:
• Pilates


Chris Emanuele

Chris began his journey in yoga with the meeting of a beautiful soul; a teacher who provided such an authentic and broad space that allowed him to completely immerse himself in the practice. For months after that first class Chris did yoga everyday. In 2016 he travelled to Spain to complete his vinyasa teachers training with Frog Lotus Yoga, backpacking and gifting yoga to an incredible variety of people for eight months after. The experience was one in which Chris began for the first time to truly explore his own nature and the nature of the self through yoga and meditation. “For me, yoga is a gateway to higher understanding; the perfect connector between mind, body, and something deeper. Yoga and meditation have shaped my perceptions and concepts of existence more than anything else. I feel blessed for those practices and honoured to be able to teach them to others, though I believe there is nothing yoga can teach that we don’t already intuitively know – its a tool for focusing the breath and body so we can cultivate space within. I like my practice to reflect that simplicity; we move, we breathe, and all the while we expand consciousness; serving ourselves so we can better serve others”.

Chris teaches:

  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
Michelle Yoga Pic Dancer Pose at Indjinup Bay 2019[2188]

Michelle Hall

In 2001, Michelle took up yoga to relax and unwind from the stress of her job as a secondary school teacher. Her yoga practise quickly made its way into the classroom where Michelle found that taking teenagers through a sequence of poses, calmed and focused them for learning. Michelle’s approach to yoga begins with connecting movement to breath – to create space where one can listen to the body and attend to what it needs moment by moment. With this body awareness students can begin to build strength, stability, flexibility and crucially an enjoyment of their physicality. Michelle teaches these principles on the mat so that we can embody them for life’s adventures beyond.

Michelle teaches:

  • Yin + Restore
  • Slow Flow
  • Hatha
  • Children’s and Teen Yoga

Michelle Van Deventer

Michelle was initially drawn to yoga in 2015 to help relieve lower back pain. She was so amazed at the positive effects and healing power of a regular practice in a short period of time that she was inspired to learn more and signed up for teacher training. Michelle commenced teacher training to expand and deepen her own knowledge of yoga, completing 350 hour teacher training with Tamara Graham in the ISHTA lineage. Michelle offers warm, accessible classes that focus on integrating breath with mindful movement, leaving you feeling balanced and connected to your true self. Michelle also loves teaching yoga to kids and completed Children’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. In her classes she encourages children to connect with their breath, co-create classes and increase body awareness. Her classes are energetic, filled with laughter and encourage connection.

Michelle teaches:

  • Over 55’s
  • Child
  • Bigger Bodies

Karoliina French

I am originally from Estonia, a tiny but wonderful country in Northern Europe. I have lived in Australia for nearly ten years. My previous work experience has mainly been in the administrative field, sales and customer services sector, however before moving to Australia in 2009 I graduated university in International Relations and Political Science.
I’m a real beach bum, sun worshiper and ocean lover. Family means everything to me and of course it can get hard having most of them on the other side of the world. Besides yoga, family and the beach, I love spending time with my friends, enjoying a glass of vino and discovering new places. Another big passion of mine is travel. I have been lucky enough to live in few different countries – Estonia, Norway, Italy, Australia and travel quite extensively in Europe, South East Asia and South America.
My yoga journey began about seven years ago in Europe and I instantly fell in love with the practice. In 2015 I completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. The course gave me a great understand in anatomy, physiology and alignment, a strong background of yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation techniques and the expertise necessary to conduct hatha and vinyasa yoga classes.
In 2017 I travelled to South America and completed another 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Detox Peru, in Cusco, Peru. In addition to being an intensive hatha and vinyasa course, this program included training in yoga detox principle, assisted Thai yoga bodywork and sections of yin yoga and pre/post natal yoga.
Yoga has helped me immensely in strengthening my body, but more importantly strengthening my mind. Yoga is a lot more than being able to do amazing poses and being flexible. It is a lifestyle. It is a unity and balance of body, mind and soul. The aim of yoga is to be able to still the mind, cleanse the body and to ultimately find inner peace. It requires you to slow down and look inwards. The benefits of yoga are endless. I have found that yoga has helped boost my self-confidence and self-awareness, open up new perspectives to life and help me deal with stress. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, it does not matter what your weight, height, age or flexibility level is. It can be a great form of exercise but it can also help you to confront the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
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Bianca O

Bianca O’Neill

Bianca started working for Leah in 2017 and feels she hit the absolute jackpot getting a job working with such beautiful people in such a special space. After graduating a Commerce degree majoring in Marketing & Public Relations Bianca assists Leah with West Coast Yoga’s business development and marketing. Bianca is passionate about all things health, wellbeing and taking care of the mind, body and soul. She began frequently practicing Yoga at the Studio in 2018, which allowed her to completely experience the extensive benefits Yoga offers both mentally and physically. Since then she has been hooked, it has helped Bianca feel more connected to herself, secure, grounded and calm in today’s non-stop busy world. Now Yoga has truly become an invaluable part of her life and she cant remember how she survived without it! 

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